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We invite you to:

1. Watch our daily provocation videos on YouTube together with your child to give them inspiration for ways to express their creativity today.
2. Join our community of families and practitioners in your area by sharing your adventures in our private Facebook group
3. Let your child share their adventures with other children in our secure virtual space, hosted by their own practitioner or by us. Just email us to arrange:

We'll give you and your children plenty of fun-filled nature-based ideas to keep them active, creative and happy! Things to do inside and outside...

Scottish Virtual Nature School is an innovative response to challenges caused by the pandemic.

- Daily fun-filled nature-based activities for children throughout the world.
- Watch live videos on YouTube at 10am (BST) weekdays or the recordings at a time to suit you. Drop in & out as much as you like.
- Any child can take part, even if you don't have a garden.
- Interact virtually & safely with educators, friends & other children whilst at home.
- Support for children, parents & carers to spend time creatively & actively.

Benefits of Scottish Virtual Nature School

  • Have fun and keep busy - Engage in open-ended, nature-based inquiries. The activities have been created with children at Auchlone Nature Kindergarten and their friends in the Virtual Nature School.
  • Maintain relationships - Young children will have the opportunity to virtually interact with their friends and teachers on a daily basis through joint outdoor adventures
  • Create positive memories - Collated by them and for them in a free memory book that they can take into their nursery or school when they return.
  • Feel empowered - Children’s voices and ideas drive their activities.
  • Feel supported within a playful, nature-based programme of activities that will give your children plenty of interesting things to do.
  • Less screen time for children as they spend more time being outdoors and creative.
  • Happy and active children who want to be involved in the challenges.
  • Re-assurance that children are engaged and supported by our Virtual Nature School.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions about our Virtual Nature School give us a call on 01764 683656 or drop us an email: