Meet Dr. Claire Warden

Founder, Mindstretchers School

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A love of the outdoors meets a passion for educational innovation.

Mindstretchers roots were planted years ago, when our founder Claire Warden was a young girl rambling in the verdant of . Fascinated by the never ending changes that occur daily in nature, and simultaneously feeling a sense of calm in its enduring solidity, her deep love of the natural world was born.

Years later, as an independent-minded, entrepreneurial teacher working in a traditional school system, Claire soon identified that innovation was much needed in education.

Reflecting on the children at her school, it became clear that the conventional model of teacher-led instruction, confined to a classroom with a fixed curriculum was too restrictive for their inquisitive little minds and hearts.

With the right support, learning could be enhanced when children decided what topics they'd like to explore.

This confidence in children, combined with the unequivocal belief that nature must be at the forefront of all we do, was (and still is) Claire's inspiration for Mindstretchers School.

Today, with over 25 years as an educator and university lecturer, firsthand experience with hundreds of children, many books written, and a PhD in Education, Dr. Warden brings her pioneering child-led, nature-based curriculum for parents and carers to experience with their
children at home.

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