Shadows Week 6 - 10 July

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What a week! Congratulations to every one of our master puppeteers and shadow
show producers you are all stars!!
And thank you to all the parents and carers who sent us videos of the performances, we have a blockbuster showreel to share with you all. For those of you who missed it, we just finished a whole week exploring shadows and creating our own stories from the magic of silhouettes. Our week’s activities culminated in a shadow show, take a look at some of the best stories, sets and characters that were shared with us from families all over Scotland.

For any parents and carers who are curious about how we operate here at the Virtual Nature School, take a look at how our week went day by day.

Our first dabble into the wonderful world of shadows and we challenged all our nature explorers to make some interesting shapes by creating shadows. Here’s a couple of the funniest, weirdest and most surprising pictures we received. In South Lanarkshire some nature explorers were having a ball, dancing with their shadows and seeing just how tall they could make it go.

And a couple of pupils in Fife and Moray really took things up a notch! Just by drawing on the ground with some chalks, it looks like this little lady is holding a bunch of flowers. What else could you make your shadow do?

Some folks in East Ayrshire who didn’t have the weather to go outdoors today got creative with a torch and created shadows from their toys that they were able to trace and colour. Way to go team!


Today we started preparations for our week’s grand finale… a shadow show! We’re starting with creating our puppets and what an array of characters and creativity we have seen from you all. Wow!

Here’s some real behind the scenes stuff from our industrious group of nature detectives.


And some A+ pupils have already begun to make their shadow theatre from an old box they had lying around.


We’re halfway through shadow week now and performance day for our shadow stars is fast approaching! Today’s work was to create the scenery for our shadow show theatres and to add some detail to our characters that would make even better shadows. Look at the detail in this spooky forest scene!

And we were blown away by the idea to create stained glass windows in this castle.

We loved the effort that went into these super cool space characters. Notice the thought to cut out the visor of the astronaut and the windows in the rocket to give the shadows extra detail- Genius!

To infinity and beyond!



Today was all about creating a good storyline for our shows and adding the final touches to our sets, our characters and some extra sparkle from sound effects. We challenged all our nature detectives to have a think about what noises they could make or record to create some extra drama for their shadow performances. In Dundee this nature detective was inspired by "Maisy’s bus" and in her shadow show, some colourful llamas went on an adventure in a motorhome. We hope they had enough headroom!!

In Aberdeenshire, there was a very professional approach where attendees to the “Spectacular Shadow Puppet Show” had to show their tickets to get in and enjoyed some pre-show entertainment on the keyboard before the main act!

That’s it from us this week. We hope you all had a blast playing with shadows whether that was from the sun outside in your gardens or inside with torches. No matter how your show turned out we hope you had fun, like this nature detective who thought the box for her puppet theatre was too fun not to climb into!

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