Journey Week 20 to 24 July - Day by day review

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DAY 5 - Treasure hunts and tin can stoves - Friday 24th July

To finish journey week, we set off on a treasure hunt! We wanted everyone to use the maps we've been working on this week to go on a journey and seek out some treasure on the way. We also looked at making a tin can stove and how we could cook things on it.

In East Lothian they had great success with their tin can stoves by attempting mini pancakes and melty chocolate with banana, yum!

Elsewhere they got their fire lit, chocolate on to melt and marshmallows at the ready!

In Perth and Kinross they had two treasure hunts and also tried banana, apple, pear and marshmallow in our melted chocolate.



DAY 4 - Ancient Maps - Thursday 23rd July

Today's investigation into journeys leads us to looking at old maps. We think about what makes a map look so old and also try to make our own.

Here's what we came up with.

In South Lanarkshire they were busy using technology to find out where Scotland was on our planet earth. They also used maps of Scotland to find where they lived.

In Argyll they spent the morning preparing a map of her favourite place, The fairy forest and Cathedral of Trees"

They made their map look old, by using tea bags, and then drew in all her favourite spots during the walk.

Treasure map day has been the best day yet according to this lot in East Ayrshire

In Stirling they were so excited to share their treasure box hidden in the common wood.

In Aberdeen they were making an old map using mum’s coffee and even tried keeping the map safe in a scroll. Brilliant idea!

Meanwhile at Auchlone we cut a diagonal section from the end of feathers to make quills. We were also crushing the oak galls to make our own ink!


DAY 3 - Photo-orienteering - Wednesday 22nd July

In today’s inquiry into journeys we look at how we can work out where we are. We think about things like compasses, maps and even the stars. Today's challenge was to take photos while we were out on a walk and show it to someone to see if they can guess where you were when you took it.

Here are the photos we took during out photo-orienteering challenge!

At Auchlone, after a morning of discussing maps and journeys that we had been on, the children headed off on an adventure to Squirrel Woods where they took photos in preparation of photo orienteering.

They looked at some different maps in East Lothian to see all the places they have travelled to.

The weather in Renfrewshire today was very wet and horrible so they took their picture's in the house to see if people could guess which room they were taken in.

DAY 2 - Creating trails - Tuesday 21st July

Now that we've thought about getting prepared and setting off on a journey, we're going to think about creating a trail on our walks by using and leaving things along the way.

Here are some of the trails that we created.

In East Lothian they made a fish trail at the pebble beach.

They had fun at the beach in Argyll making number trails but they noticed that boats and planes in the sky made good trails too!

These guys followed a trail around Doune Ponds: talking about a map & markers.

And here at Auchlone we were busy making signs and makers for loads of different trails!

In East Ayrshire they had the idea of making a trail using pots round a part of Gran and Papa's garden.


DAY 1 - Preparing for a journey - Monday 20th July

This week we're thinking all about journeys.To kick off the week we're thinking about how we can prepare for a journey.

As we set off on our journeys some of us made maps, some brought things that they found on their walk and other drew picture of what they saw on the way.

Firstly, in Perth and Kinross they went out foraging for blueberries in the rain.

In Renfrewshire they got prepared for their walk by packing a lunch before heading off on a walk to the reservoir

In East Lothian they looked at a proper map of their favourite local walk and drew their own map of the route and filled it in with all the interesting things they saw along the way.

This lot took a trip to the fish pond in Argyll!

In East Ayrshire they were creating a map to a secret apple tree!

In East Ayrshire they got packed for a journey and took a drawing pad with them to sketch the things they saw on their walk.

And at Auchlone we went on a walk to our favourite tree, fondly named "The Dragon Tree" 

Check back throughout the week as we update this posts with everything that's been going on across the country.


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