It's Not Just a Box - 17 to 21 August

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Not Just a Box - Day 5 - Gifts

We've discovered that there are lots of different ways to use a box but the last use we're going to look at is giving gifts. Sometimes getting gifts in a box is really exciting but there are other types of gifts we can give too.
It's always nice getting a gift in a box but sometimes we can give other types of gifts, like giving a hug, or doing something nice for someone.
What sort of gifts do you think you could give someone?

In Stirling it's their last day of Virtual Nature School before starting nursery, and so they have given US the gift of sending in all their favourite memories from the last 10 weeks - thanks guys!

Not Just a Box - Day 4 - Growing

Most of us have used a lunch box, but have we ever thought about what the food in it is and where it came from? What could we do with boxes and plants? Today we're looking at what we could grow in our box! As most of the food you might find in your lunch box has been grown we're going to investigate the difference between fruit and vegetables, what plants can be food and how we might grow our own food in our boxes.

In Clackmannanshire they were busy building a house in a box, and a whole planet in a box!

Meanwhile in Stirling, they were trying to grow veg without soil. They used 1 box and 2 jars and are waiting to see what works. They used carrots from the garden and the rest of the veg went into soup for the weekend.

Not Just a Box - Day 3 - Bees

In this enquiry we're looking at an insect that lives inside a box - The honey bee. So what exactly is the connection between a bee and a box? Well, we've discovered that bees live in something called a hive which is kind of like a box.
So our challenge to you today was to make an insect hotel for all the insects in your area to come and live. Here's how you got on:

In Glasgow they had a great morning remembering what they had learned about bees before starting Virtual Nature School. They even remembered "hexagon"! They found a bit of a wasp nest in the garden shed which they had a good look at before making their own little bee do a waggle dance. They ended up in the park to look for bees and wasps, finding some bumble bees, a honey bee and some wasps 🐝

In Clackmannanshire they did a great job of rescuing a rather wet bumble bee.
In Stirling they saw so many interesting things today out at the pond.
Not Just a Box - Day 2 - Treasure
Today we looking for TREASURE! There are lots of different types of treasure that we could keep in a box. Today however we're not thinking about gold coins and priceless jewels. sometimes treasure means something else entirely.
We might think of treasure as something that means a great deal to us. That might be our friends and family, a memory of a holiday or something kind that someone has done for you.
So today we asked what things do you treasure most? Let's have a look at what sort of treasure you stored away in your treasure boxes.
In Falkirk they had some surprise visitors - in a box!
The group in Glasgow finished up their ocean box this afternoon before the schoolies joined in. They immediately set about making a guitar and a submarine complete with controls, a window and a gear stick!
In Stirling they talked about things that they like to see or do and put pictures of them in a box to treasure.

Not Just a Box - Day 1 - Building


Welcome to a new week! Today we begin an investigation into boxes by asking the question "what can you build with a box?". This might sound like a really simple question but as we dig deeper into that idea it becomes more complex. You might start asking yourself, how many boxes will it take to build my idea, what size of boxes will I use and how will I get them to stay together?

There are so many different things that we could build with boxes. We wonder if you're able to make a tower as tall as you. Let's have a look at all the things you were able to build today.

In Glasgow, day one of boxes week started with a bit of box finding and looking at pictures of different things made of boxes that they found in their "discovery drawers". After a chat they decided they wanted to make an ocean with fish and seaweed like one in one of the pictures they were looking at.


In Edinburgh they made some amazing constructions that reached all the way to the roof!


And in Stirling their imagination was running riot today! They were building, stacking, making and doing all sorts of things like a stage, a home for Tigger the cat
and a drum!



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