Ice Week 13 to 17 July - Day by day review

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DAY 5: Making ice cream! - Friday 17 July

Today we're finishing off ice week by opening up our own ice cream shops and thinking about the different ways we can serve and share our ice cream.

In Lancashire there were big thumbs up for nectarine and cherry lollies as well as strawberry. They also whipped up some cherry ice cream by blending the cherries a bit and using lots of muscle to whip the cream. And look at this amazing ice cream shop set up!

In Fife they were making juice cubes with layers of apple, orange and cran-raspberry juices!

Meanwhile in Renfrewshire banana ice cream was on the menu using milk, vanilla and a spoon of sugar mixed with mashed banana. It was so cold to mix they had to wear gloves!

And check out the fruits of the labour in Clackmannanshire - YUM!

DAY 4: Exploring colour in ice and making ice lollies - Thursday 16 July

The video today started us thinking about the colour of ice and how we could change it. We spent the day thinking about all the things we could use to change the colour of ice and if it might flavour it so we could taste it!

We saw a lot of ice lollies popping up today so here's a round up of what you guys were munching on this afternoon.

In Kent, this lot were making ice lollies flavoured with lemon and mint.

Down in Lancashire they went for a mix of tasty fruit as well as cocoa powder and yoghurt!

In South Lanarkshire they were making ice cubes with herbs.

And this lot in Falkirk seemed to really be enjoying their ice lollies.

There was some stunning icy treats being cooked up in Renfrewshire.

These guys had a go at making some ice jellyfish after finding some at the beach, but look at the amount of fruits in their ice cubes! 

These ice creams from Clackmannanshire look totally irresistable!

 Here at Auchlone however we were busy playing with all sorts of curious creatures like elephants, hippos and even dinosaurs!

DAY 3: Trapping things in Ice - Wednesday 15 July 

We further our investigation into ice by thinking about how we use our senses when working with ice. Today's task is to work out what things you could freeze inside your ice. 

Here are some of the things you managed to trap inside of the ice.

at Auchlone, we were freezing all sorts into our ice cubes. We had sweeties and flowers frozen into our cupcake ice cube mould. We also found some clear "gems" that we tried freezing to see if we'll be able to see it in the ice even though it's clear. We even tried our hands at making a tiny pair of ice glasses!

There were some DELICIOUS looking treats being made in East Lothian by freezing berries in ice cube trays. They even had a go at freeing cocoa flavoured water!

Image may contain: one or more people

In South Lanarkshire they managed to freeze some dinosaurs into their ice shapes.

There was loads going into the ice in Renfrewshire - apples, berries and some herbs.


In Lancashire you guys were freezing all sorts of stuff from the garden in your ice. Everything from leaves to fruit - even a feather!

In East Ayrshire they had the brilliant idea of using empty eggshells as their ice moulds and freezing loads of colourful flowers inside.

In Kent we saw some fruity ice cubes being made with apples and grapes.

And finally down in the Scottish Borders they went with good old fashioned ice lollies

Make sure you tune back tomorrow and join us when we look at colouring our ice.


DAY 2 - Tuesday 14 July

On Tuesday 14 July, we looked at making ice slip and slides and discovered that they slide more easily when it's wet underneath. Today, we're trying to find out what sort of ice shapes we can make using moulds, or maybe even carving.

Below are some of the amazing shapes we were able to make out of ice, but first, here's a demonstration of how to make some frozen shapes!

Meanwhile across the country you've been busy creating your own shapes.

In Renfrewshire you were making ice shapes with things you found outside in the garden...


...and others were staying inside but playing with the colour of their ice.

That theme of finding interesting things in the garden and introducing colour carried on across other parts of the country.

In Crieff, this lot were busy smashing up the ice shapes they'd made.


This lot from North Lanarkshire even tried making their own moulds out of homemade playdough!


Look at this amazing idea from Argyll and Bute - they frozen their crocs to make the shape of their feet!

DAY 1 - Monday 13 July

Welcome to Ice Week! We begin our inquiry into all things ice by looking at how we could make our own ice. We also think about some of the properties of ice by thinking about why ice is so slippy.

The challenge for the children was to make their own slip and slides for ice cubes. Watch the video below to see just a few of the creations submitted by families around the country



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