Circles, Spirals and Spheres - 24 to 28 August

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Circles, Spirals and Spheres - Day 5 - Grass Sculptures

To finish this weeks investigation into all things circles, we want to see if you can apply the lessons you've learned so far to make some grass figures. You could try folding grass and tying and wrapping it together with string, thread or wire to hold it together in the shape of a person. Here are some of the figures you managed to make today.

The group in Aberdeenshire had a fantastic day making their grass dolls; Barry, Paul and Pinkie Linkie.

They also made bows and arrows after a search for arrow sticks in the woods. They practiced turning and spiralling wool - a lot!

The children enjoyed the use of scissors and also really loved to just sit, watching carefully and always be ready with helpful advice. This quite time opened up lovely conversation opportunity.

Circles, Spirals and Spheres - Day 4 - Baskets, Bow and Arrows

So far this week we've discovered that circles and spirals are all around us. Just yesterday some of us were learning to wrap string tightly around things, just like a spiral. Now we want to see how else we can use spirals and wrapping to making a basket and maybe even some bows and arrows!

This afternoon, these guys in Glasgow attempted wrapping their sticks - that's magic rainbow sticks!

Up in Aberdeen they tried to make a basket but noticed their sticks weren't flexible enough. They noticed that they turned out like a spiders web. It was calming when we were peeling the leafs into strips to make our string to weave.

Circles, Spirals and Spheres - Day 3 - Spirals

This week we've been exploring the idea of circles. We've been out to find circles around us and also tried our hand at making spheres. Today however we're investigating spirals. Just as we've discovered circles and spheres are everywhere we look, we want you to see where you can find spirals.

We're also going to think about how we could use spirals to wrap around things. What could we do with that? Let's have a look at some of your ideas.

These little nature detectives in Glasgow were busy finding spirals everywhere, in flowers and benches at the park; they even found some in the plants at home! They've noticed that spirals make nice patterns.

The group in Aberdeen found spirals a little harder to spot. They looked in the garden and in the woods but we did spot a fairy with a spiralling down dress. They also picked sticks and spiralled wool colours round them.

Today in Edinburgh, the team were searching for spirals in the garden, created spiral transient art and recalled our visit to the Scottish Crannog Centre, where we learnt how to make beautiful wire spiral inspired jewellery.

Circles, Spirals and Spheres - Day 2 - Spheres

We had great fun yesterday finding circles in wheels and puddles, as well as making all sorts of things with circles. Today we're wondering if you could use some of those circles to make a sphere? You might want to use lots of circles the same size to make your sphere or you might want to try winding something like string round and round to make a ball. Here are some of the things you tried: 

In Glasgow they had a morning of sorting, stacking, banging and pouring our loose part circles and then a trip to the park for some play with bubbles and a ball.

The explorers in Aberdeen had a wild and wet walk to the harbour and found a remarkable number of circles and spheres.


Circles, Spirals and Spheres - Day 1 - Finding Circles

This week's provocation is all about circles! We're going to investigate spirals and spheres but today we want to begin with finding circles. We can find them all over the place, on bikes, flowers and trees. So we want you to try and spot lots of different circles and maybe have a go at making some circles yourself and figuring out what you can do with them.

In Glasgow they went out and braved the rain with their "circle eyes" on and were really looking hard as we walked about - They found LOADS of circles near by.

In Aberdeen they've been out by the harbour looking for circles and spheres in their environment and also in nature. 

In Edinburgh they were inspired by today's provocation they took their cameras out and went for a walk hunting for circles.


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