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Starting Monday 22 June, the new structure of a day at Virtual Nature School is as follows: 

10am to 10:30am - Morning Session 

We all watch the day’s provocation video together. 
**Everyone is automatically invited to this session. The link to join will be sent 1 hour before the session starts.

1pm to 1.30pm - Lunchtime Session

Children get an opportunity to share their feedback either with their own practitioner or with Dr Claire Warden.
**You MUST register on the session of your choice. Details below.

2pm to 3pm - Practitioners Session

Practitioners meet with Dr Claire Warden to reflect on the day.
**All practitioners are automatically invited to this session.  The link to join will be sent 1 hour before the session starts.

If you are a parent or carer, you should check with your practitioner what to do for the Lunchtime session. They may have arranged to meet with you and other families they work with, or they may want you to join them in Claire’s group. 

If you are a practitioner, then you have 3 options for the Lunchtime session:

  1. Meet with your own families in your secure Zoom room. If you haven’t already, you can request for one by emailing
  2. Invite your families to share with Dr Claire Warden. Click here to register yourself and your families. You can fill in the form for them or send it to them to fill in.
  3. Watch the children from Auchlone sharing their feedback. Click here to register.

After the lunchtime sessions, practitioners are invited to join Dr Claire Warden for a reflection on the day’s activity, from 2pm to 3pm. There is no need to register for this, all practitioners are automatically invited an hour before the session.

If in doubt or have any questions, please ask in the Facebook group or send an email to

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