Cohort 1 Conclusion - Obtaining certificates and next steps

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We have come to the end of Cohort 1 of Virtual Nature School, so we would like to present you with some information to help close off this chapter and look forward to what happens next.

1. How do I get a certificate for Cohort 1 training?

We will be issuing certificates to all those who have taken part, but to ensure that you qualify to get a certificate, it is important that you have submitted at least 1 reflection over the 8 weeks in your Learning Account (LMS).

Many of you have already done them for each week, but if you haven't done any at all, then at least do one this week where you reflect on anything you feel inclined to, for example, your thoughts on the course as a whole or photos of ideas you hope to implement or how the training may impact your practice. That applies even if you have not worked with children during the 8 weeks.

You may also want to post your reflections after working with your children when your setting has re-opened for the new term, so we have made the deadline for submission of reflections for Cohort 1 is 1 September 2020.

2. Can I join Cohort 2?

Now that Cohort 1 has come to an end, VNS is moving to Cohort 2 with a new set of practitioners and families. The format will be the same and so will the provocations we have had over the past 8 weeks, but the difference is that it will be taking place during the new term, which means many practitioners will be able to make use of the provocations in their settings.

You are welcome to join Cohort 2 as a practitioner, but you may also want to follow along with the live provocations on our new YouTube channel.

Here are some scenarios that may play out for you as a practitioner:

  • This is the end of the road. You have learnt a lot and no longer need to engage with VNS.
  • You have enjoyed the inquiries and would like to continue with them. In that case, you can watch the 10am provocation video on our brand new YouTube channel, which you can find by searching for the "Virtual Nature School" channel on YouTube, or by clicking here.
  • You would like to continue to Cohort 2 as a practitioner, which gives you access to the Pedagogy Talks with Dr Claire Warden as well as other materials that is made available. All you need to do is fill in the form again and select Cohort 2. The form can be found by clicking here.

3. What happens to the families I invited?

From a family/child point of view, they can still continue to participate in more or less the same way they have been. The slight difference is that the 10am videos are now going to be live on YouTube and not the Facebook groups. An email will be sent out to all registered families as this will help make the work of VNS accessible to more families around the world.

If you have been working with your families in one of our secure Zoom rooms, then you can continue to meet with them there for the rest of the program.

4. Can I still access the Facebook groups and my Learning Account (LMS)?

The regional Facebook groups will remain the same and new practitioners and families will be added to them in the coming weeks.

A new group has been set up for Cohort 2 practitioners, so we will not be posting new/regular content to the current Cohort 1 practitioner group. It will remain open if you ever have any questions or contributions.

As for the LMS, Cohort 1 practitioners can continue to access it until 1 September, but of course if you have joined Cohort 2, then you can access it for longer. From 1 September, practitioners in Cohort 1 will no longer be able to access the LMS. But not to worry, because all the provocation videos will be posted to the YouTube channel on a daily basis so you will still be able to access them if you need to.


Finally, it has been an absolute pleasure to share nature-based, inquiry-led learning ideas and practice with you over the past 8 weeks and we wish you every success in your practice. 

Please feel free to email or contact us on Facebook anytime in the future, we would be glad to hear from you!

Best wishes,

Claire & Bravo

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